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Sunday, November 28, 2010


Golden Disco Mermaids
Image of Fish Scale Inspired Dress, image taken from (via: acmcountry, cmt), Copyright 2010: Trend Hunter Inc

. Fish Scale Skirts
Image of Fish Scale Inspired Dress, image taken from (via:,, Copyright 2010: Trend Hunter Inc.

Jewellery Made of Real Tentacles
Image of Earrings Made of Real Tentacles , image taken from: (via: etsy) ,Copyright 2010: Trend Hunter Inc

Image of Oversized Crab Necklace, image taken from:

Under the sea, a vast landscape of infinite life is unfamilar & unexplored territory to many. However, these oceanic inspired creations have emerged above sea level being incorporated into everything from house furnishings to culinary cuisine. The erupt fascination with aquaculture has given light to nautical fashion in its progesssive steps. It has allowed for the experimentation of artifical brackerish bodies, fragile invertebrates & the finned alike; all impart of conceptualizing this new wave of a whim slowly transpiring.