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Friday, November 19, 2010


27 Macabre Luxe Fashions Inspired by Skeletons

Image taken from Macabre Luxe Fashions Inspired by Skeletons; Copyright 2010, Trend Hunter Inc.

Image of Elsa Schiaparelli Dress, image taken from:

Melonia Shoe

Image of Melonia Shoe; Copyright 2010, Trend Hunter Inc.


Killer Heels
Image taken from: Copyrignt 2010:Trend Hunter Inc.

Extreme Torture Shoes

Image taken from: Copyright 2010, Trend Hunter Inc. Extreme Torture Shoes via: fabuless-fashionista.blogspot)

If Shoes Could Kill
Image taken from: Copyright 2010, Trend Hunter Inc.
Furniture for Feet
Image taken from: Copyright 2010: Trend Hunter Inc;
Furniture for Feet (via:
Sea Creature Shoes

Image taken from via alexandermcqueen, obsessedwithshoes) ;Copyright 2010: Trend Hunter Inc;

Is I hope you have good balance, because strutting in these new-do for heels could result in you ending up in a face plant. These DANGEROUS DO-UPS are marvelous spectacles from afar if you willing to take the risk. My recommendation would be to practice prancing around the house first before making the grand entrance. Note: wear with extreme caution.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Image taken from:

CC Skye Bullet Hinged Bracelet

Image taken from:

Image taken from:

CC Skye, Los-Angeles based in a fashion forward designer. She fuses "unpredictable & wearable" designs by implimenting hardware materials, italian leathers & gold tones into her masterpieces. Part of her inspiration origins from the Nepal in which she first started designing while on a 6 month study program aborad. Likewise, her works have entitled her to such pretigious titles as " Hollywood's Hottest New Designer" by InTouch & proclaimed her as being " consistently ahead of the trends" by WWD. Her collections are available in over 800 stores worldwide. ( Source:, Copyright 2010 )

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Who said HUMANS can't have WINGS


Image taken from

Image from Alexander McQueen Spring Summer 2008 Collection, Image taken from:

Image of Jean Paul Gaultier Fall 2008 collection, image taken from:

FOOD for THOUGHT: Sink your TEETH into THIS...

85500001, Eryk Fitkau /Stone
Image of an Almond Egyptian headpiece,, image taken: Copyright 2010:GettyImages.

Edible Nuptial Gowns
Image of an Edible Nupital Gown, image take from: Copyright 2010, TrendHunter

Didn't mama tell you when you were younger to not play with you food? Did you listen, these inventors sure didn't. These edible pieces might not have a very long shelf life but they sure look delectable. Although, the mere thought of wearing food might seem unconventional, it might just be the new hype for tree huggers alike. Although, we don't have to go to the extremes of Lady Gaga 'Meat' Outfit at the 2010 MTV Video Musics Awards, a little fruit never hurt anyone; just make sure you stay clear from farms, zoos etc. & maybe also the noon hour at the mall food court for that matter hahaha. Reduce, Reuse & Recycle as I always say, make the bold statement, and sink your teeth into these divine creations.