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Wednesday, April 20, 2011


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The tear jewellery plays on the idea of the taboo trend of facial piercings, specifically the anti-brow or teardrop piercing. Similarly, the bizarre jewellery pieces come in "a range features a number of adornments which hang on translucent wire away from the contact lenses... the users can then attach a range of accessories, such as crystals and flowers, to the new prescription or dummy lenses and wear them throughout the day". The Dutch designer Eric Klarenbeek proclaims "people who have worn my eye jewellery are amazed at its comfort, you can't feel the wire dangling, it doesn't affect your sight and the lens moves along gently with your eyeball". Mmm, I dunno but there’s just something nerve racking about hanging ishhh from my eyeballs, just imagine getting caught on something, GAHHH.*flinches*....please wear with extreme caution. (Source: Associated Newspapers Ltd).