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Friday, November 12, 2010

BUTT CLEAVAGE: Hail to the "RACK"... AHH. I mean "CRACK" ???

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heidiklumbutt Heidi Klum in butt cleavage shocker!

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Recently spotted on Ice T's wife Coco on the Sachika Twins Spring 2011 Fashion Show In New York, this new trend just might give light to the term 'New Moon'. As if we were tired of seeing people bending over to pick up that quarter of the ground only to see their underwear line steep under forbidden territory, (you know you liked it) & chances are if they had the "ASSETS" to "BACK it UP", you wouldn't mind the free glimpse. Now, let's remember with every trend comes it suggestions, you should probably make your working those "gluteus maximus" on the regular, aka squats, leg raises, the whole enchilada. Forget the rack, time to make way for ladies with BACK. I say, if you got it, flaunt it.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


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Path Responsive Ornamentation : Waterjet Cut Copper Jewelry
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Fiona Paxton Copper Sofi Long Necklace Image
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Copper, commonly confused with rose gold, is an malleable reddish-brown metal with very high thermal & electric conductivity.Modern life has a number of applications for copper, ranging from coins to pigments, and demand for copper remains high, especially in industrialized nations. Consumers interact with copper in various forms on a daily basis ( Source: & it is used from manufacturing to jewelry making. One of the Earh's most precious metal, its cost fluctuates within the economy but is presently in high demand.

The BUSTLE SKIRT: " Baby Got Back "

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If you weren't blessed with a derrière, you might just finally be getting the help you've been looking for. The "bustle" skirt originally emerged in the mid 19th century as a type of framework used to expand the fullness & to support the drapery of the back of a woman's dress ( Source: Wikipedia). This highly sawed after skirt has since evolved keeping many of it's basic properties of exaggerating one's fanny but has now modernized into today's society by the introduction & incorporation of new materials in the textiles industry . So why not throw away those silicone butt pads, ( oh yes I did notice ) because they are so last year.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Image is of Asos Poncho, image taken from:

Image taken from:

Inspired from native tribes all over the world, these thickly woven fabrics are sure to keep you warm this winter.


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Image taken from Textile Treasures::

Image taken from: Lush Lee:

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Not your ordinary necklace, these neck pieces are so exquisite & will help to draw attention to your purdy little face. Instead of the per usual necklace & earrings set, try mixing it up with a bold piece like the ones above, they are the perfect accent accessory to any bland outfit.

Monday, November 8, 2010


Carsten Witte s
Image taken from Bracelet Bras articule, Copyright 2010 Trend Hunter Inc.

Jeweled Foliage Bras
Image taken from Jeweled Foilage Bras article, Copyright 2010 Trend Hunter Inc.

Okay so we've seen strapless, backless, cutlets etc. ,but I'm sure you've never seen bras that can do all three? These bedazzlin' foliage bras are a statement all on their own, paired with a matchin' chiffon skirt or deluxe trouser combo & you got your a couture inspired look my friend. Hey, it might not be the most practical things to hold up "the twins" but they certainly are a sure fire way to extenuate your chest, " Ahhhh, a little help here, how to you keep these things on???"


Image taken from:

New & artistic forms of nail design has finally come to lengths, coined the term "Stiletto" nails, these fierce pointy claws may just your spouse's new fetish. Maintenance is key here folks, remember to layer a good nail harderner while your at it. ***WARNING:  DARE TO WEAR these CLAWS with EXTREME CAUTION, NAILS are our FRIENDS, not WEAPONS***


Leona Lewis rockin' a lace eye piece, image taken from:

Lady Gaga rockin' a 3D glitter eye piece, image taken from:

3D NAILS: Child's Play or the Real Deal???

Image taken from:

Image taken from:

Originally spotted on Willow Smith, new pop artist of the smash single " Whip My Hair " these nails certainly raise above the french mani & are indeed a statement on their own. If I could only get the pretty butterflys to stick...hmmmmm.

Sunday, November 7, 2010


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Image taken from:

Image taken from:


Image taken from:

Pink rockin' WHITE HAIR, Image taken from:

Forget bleach blonde, white hair could just be the newest & freshest look for Fall 2010. Thought white hair was only for the wise, this could be one sophiscated look if you can go for it.

Fashionable KNEE PADS- Keepin' those KNEES BRUISE-FREE

Fashion Knee Pads
Image taken from article: Fashion Knee Pads, Copyright 2010, Trendhunter Inc.
Fashion Knee Pads
Image taken from article: Fashion Knee Pads, Copyright 2010, Trendhunter Inc.

Thought knee pads were just for rough housing & high impact sports, think again. Knee pads are IN & they are IN to stay, call it the NEW ANDROGYNOUS ZONE.


IVORY ( Real or Faux) - We LOVE the ELEPHANTS!!!

Thai Ivory Jewelry
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Image taken from:

Image taken from:

FAN ME plesh!!!

Image: Vintage Ostrich Fan

Image taken from:

So we already know how dashing you look in your outfit but why not try the perfect accessory: THE FAN!!! Serving many purposes in the past few centuries from the Victorian ages to the modern day cooling unit, the hand-held fan will become the next stylish must- have next to your handbag, credit me for it, but it will catch on!!!

Mesh, Mesh & More Mesh

Whiting & Davis Beaded Fringe Purse - photo
Images from Whiting & Davis collections:

I recently spotted mesh bags on my trip to Buenos Aires, Argentina this October. Moreover, Whiting & Davis have been the major supplier of wholesale mesh material for designers and industrial engineers all over the world for the past century. They have been  producing modern day metal mesh fashion collection of mesh bags, accessories etc. ( Source: Copyright 2010 Whiting & Davis )

Jackin' OFF for JACQUARD

Image Source: Copyright 2010 Alexander Mcqueen

Jac.quard (jkärd, j-kärd, zhä-kär), invented by Joseph Marie (1752-1834). He was the French inventor of the jacquard loom in 1801 which was the first automatic loom able to weave complex patterns ( Source:

Scissor Me Happy: CUT-OUTS ( Remember SAFETY FIRST FOLKS)

Ksubi Black Braided Sweaters
Image made by Ksubi, Australian fashion label: cardigan cut-out braid sweater

John Hardy Bracelets

John Hardy Bracelets At
Image taken

John Hardy jewelry was founded by CANADIAN designer & artist John Hardy in 1989. He visited BALI in the mid-1970s & the island's jewelry-making traditions raised his interest. Working w/ local artisans, Hardy developed his first pieces by applying new design concepts to traditional Balinese TECHNIQUES.

In 1999, Guy Bedarida  joined the company as Head Designer. He draws his design inspiration from nature, classical European jewelry techniques, and the ancient art of Asia.

The company is now owned by CEO, Damien Dernoncourt & Head Designer and Creative Director, Guy Bedarida who continues to make HANDMADE jewelry. Today, John Hardy jewelry is sold all around the world. Can be bought online or through many upscale retailers including: Neiman Marcus, Holt Renfrew & Bloomingdales. ( source: WikiPedia)

Limb it Jewelry: Shoulder Wear & Leg Wear

planet blueplanet blue 

Images from Article: Glamourous Rockstar Legwear, Jewellry from Planet Blue Accessories Collection, Copyright 2010 Trend Hunter Inc.