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Tuesday, November 30, 2010


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Image Controversial Faux Gun Handbag ( pistol not loaded), image taken from: (via: jamespiatt, coutureinthecity) ;Copyright 2010, Trend Hunter Inc.

Nerdy Evening Bags
Image of Computer Chip Purse Evening Bag, image taken from (Via: fractalspin, geeksugar); Copyright 2010, Trend Hunter Inc

Image of Stella McCartney Wooden Accordion Clutch Bag, image taken from:

Sawed-Off Log Handbags
Image taken from of Sawed-Off Handbags, image taken (via: etsy, regretsy), Copyright 2010: Trend Hunter Inc. 

Image of Plant Handbag, image taken from:

Image of Cupcake Purse, image taken from:

 Couture Clamshell Handbags
 Image of Chanel Handbag, image taken from (Via: style); Copyright 2010, Trend Hunter Inc.

Image of Chinese Take-out Handbage, image taken from:

Image by Abteil Soccer Ball Handbag, image taken from:

Pink Body Bags
Image of Chanel Pink Body Bag, image taken from (via: puremagenta,; Copyright 2010, Trend Hunter Inc.