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Friday, April 8, 2011



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Stemming from the oh-so popular emergence of the ear wraps, this body modification of "elf" ears goes to the extreme. It can be done through the aid of cosmetic manipulation that requires many cuts of folded skin & enhancing the ear cartilage. Similarly, it is surprising delicate procedure however it comes with irreversible results taking quite some time to heal; there's also the question of the possibly of leaving the ears prone to infections. An interesting quote by Hearst Seattle Media warrants that: " if you really want to look like you work at Santa’s workshop or live in Middle Earth, you can do it. After all, this is 2011. Though, I should remind you, this is the real world, not some fantasy land". Another interesting claim is  by Dr. Lajos Nagy who claims that pointed ears aren’t just for cosmetic reasons but will also help your hearing. Moving with this further, some call it utterly disturbing, that it's utterly grotesque, goes beyond the framework of nerdy, others say its a childish act, but hey, there's no doubt that society has evolved and so has its’ fascination with fantasy worlds beyond our own advocated through the film industry and paper back media. Hmmm, I wonder if it’s will give you magic powers too…hey, don’t judge me, or it, or whatever you wanna call them..."OMG, did I just see them WIGGLE"...LOL[;ppp]!