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Monday, December 13, 2010


Image of Moschino Dripping Bag,image taken from:

Dripping Tar Sunglasses
Image taken from: (Via: klaversvanengelen,; Copyright 2010, Trend Hunter Inc.

Helen Furber's 'Icica' wedge in white - 2011/12
Image of Helen Furber’s ‘Icica’ Wedges, image taken from:http://theethicalfashionblog.files.wordpress.

Image of Nicolas Kirkwood for Rodarte" Melting Heels ", image taken from:

Image tof Chanel Dripping Necklace, image taken from:

Wowzers!! It's getting hot in hurrrrr, these liquefied specimens are a flash freeze in time, certified liquid gold! However, these drooping exaggerations have been stirring up mixed perspectives on their appropriateness & their well-timed arrival to the fashion scene. In the same degree, these melting marvels have been displaying chivalrous outlooks on global warming & are merely demonstrate fictitious ideas of what climate change might do to our beloved possessions. Thus, the direction of these dripping statement pieces remain up in the air but are gaining attention from all the fashion buzz . I'd say mate, do you remember that ol' saying, ahhh, how does it go again, ohh right: "If you can't take the heat, wear a PAPER BAG".